Roosevelt Island Explorers (RiEx) is a group of experienced educators and professors exploring the possibilities for a new and different early childhood program on Roosevelt Island. This proposed program would:

  • Express our profound respect of children as competent, capable learners
  • Address our concerns about the harmful effects of arbitrary standards and prescribed curricula
  • Engage the full participation of families, caregivers, teachers and other interested adults
  • Embrace the unique environment and beauty of Roosevelt Island
  • Honor our love for the vibrant and diverse Roosevelt Island community
We invite you to explore with us and create a shared vision!


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Looking at things as if they can be otherwise…

Looking at things as if they can be otherwise…

Roosevelt Island—the Children’s Island: A ship on a voyage to faraway places—navigated by children…

HARVEST at the Children’s Garden

September 20, 2014
HARVEST at the Children's Garden

We are inviting you this Saturday to harvest whatever is ready – more beans and carrots, flowers and herbs. We shall look for potatoes and cucumbers, and check out the cabbage and tomatoes.

To spread the joy, we shall create veggies/herbs/flowers bunches and share them with people passing by.

And, as always, enjoy being together!

Please join us on:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

10:00am – 1:00pm

Children’s Garden

455 Main Street